Artronics is an authorized warranty repair station for:
Mesa Boogie
Line 6

NEW ADDRESS(2/1/12):
7220 Terregles Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27617



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I have been doing electronics repairs in Durham North Carolina for over 25 years. I specialize in the repair of guitar amplifiers, keyboards, and other electronic musical equipment. I offer you cost effective repairs and a quick turnaround time, plus a 30 day warranty!


I've moved to Raleigh (2/1/12), but still work in Durham. Please call me for Durham drop off and pick up time and location.

Repair Estimates

Many factors determine the cost of a repair:

  • Condition and value of the item.
  • Time spent, determined by difficulty of repair and extent of damage.
  • Parts cost and availability.
  • Urgency of repair. (Speed shipping of unit or needed parts)

    I try to price the repairs fairly, based on these factors, instead of a flat hourly rate.
    So what kind of repair costs can you expect?


Based on years of experience, general ranges of repair costs for certain item types can be estimated:
A 16 channel mixer with a couple of broken controls,and in need of cleaning: $50 - $100.
A 350 watts per side power amp with output section damage: $75 - $175
Keyboard with a dead key or two, some sticky buttons: $50 - $125
A dead item could be almost anything from an internal fuse, to major component failure like a power transformer. ( "expensive")


I charge a small diagnosis fee that may range from $5.00 to $20.00, depending on how much time is invested to arrive at a diagnosis and estimate. If you OK the estimate, the fee is applied to the balance of the repair total. If you decline the estimate, you would need to pay the fee to reclaim the unit, or abandon the unit for parts and the fee is waived. For items shipped, I ask that you pay for the shipping, type of which to be determined by you. I will not be held responsible for shipping damage caused by inferior packaging when receiving, or unprofessional handling by delivery services. I will guarantee my repair for 30 days. If there is a failure within that time period, I will pay subsequent shipping charges. If the failure is related to my repair, I will not charge for any additional labor. If parts I have replaced fail, I will replace them, no charge. If however the failure is unrelated to the original repair, or if additional parts have failed, or if more that 30 days have passed since the repair, there will be charges accordingly.
Some items will not be repairable in a small shop such as mine, and usually I will recommend that the unit be returned to the manufacturer, which I can do for you, or send back to you at your request at no charge.

PLEASE NOTE: Artronics is a part-time business that is service only. I DO NOT RESELL PARTS. If you need to procure parts, please contact the manufacturer of your item for assistance.

Please call or email me if you have any questions concerning equipment brands I service for out of warranty repairs.

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